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Thursday, December 02, 2021

From Heaven's View

How does your world look from God's perspective?

Life would look much different if you could see it from the viewpoint of eternity. From Heaven's View challenges you to see all of life from God's perspective. T.W. Hunt and his Daughter, Melana Hunt Monroe, share life-changing insights that emerged from the crucible fo illness and adversity. As they sought to glorify God through their suffering, God revealed His unique view of their expereinces and gave them biblical truths of seeing their struggles from His perspective.

From Heaven's View will teach you what the authors learned about God's plan to bring each of His children to glory - not just in heaven but every moment you walk with Him. You will - gain a new appreciationg for the majesty and grandeur of God; join God's process to take you from creation to redemption to glory; understant your life purpose from God's viewpoint; appropriate Christ's attributes that reside in you; value relationships the way God does; align your emotions with God's emotions; perceive suffering from inside God's heart; view Satan, sin, and temptations the way God sees them.

Source:LifeWay Christian Resources

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